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My research interests center around mechanisms by which exogenous metabolites (nutriceuticals and toxins) influence neural function. I am the Principal Investigator for two research programs derived from this interest. One investigates the influence of nicotine and alcohol on development, dysfunction and plasticity in control of breathing by neural networks of the vertebrate brainstem. Another research program investigates the beneficial influence of phytochemicals and detrimental effects of alcohol on mechanosensory and locomotory neurons and networks as modeled by transgenic Caenorhabditis elegans. Each research programs addresses Alaska-relevant health issues and serves as training arenas for postdoctoral fellows and graduate as well as undergraduate students.





Organisms and Viruses

  • Wild Alaska blackfish ( Dallia pectoralis )

    Adult blackfish. Used to study respiratory control with isolated brainstem preparation.

  • Wild bullfrog ( Rana catesbeiana )

    Includes tadpoles and juveniles. Used to study respiratory control. Isolated brainstem preparation.


  • LabChart Pro ( Software )

    "LabChart software combines the familiar simplicity of a traditional strip chart recorder and oscilloscope with the powerful analysis features of a digital acquisition system.

    In conjunction with a PowerLab data acquisition unit, LabChart software (for Windows and Macintosh) provides the data integrity, display and analysis features needed for today's science. LabChart offers easy selection of hardware settings, powerful online and offline analysis, procedure automation, seamless extraction of experimental data and clever display options." "LabChart 7 Pro provides researchers with more acquisition and analysis power at a great price. It comprises LabChart software, LabChart Modules ... and 5 years of FREE upgrades. You can also obtain any new LabChart Modules released during the 5 year period at no extra cost. All software is conveniently available for download."

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