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Harris Laboratory

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    "The primary focus of my research is to determine the necessity and sufficiency of serotonergic processes within the brainstem in controlling breathing, the functional consequences of brainstem serotonergic deficits, and the potential for such deficits to contribute to pathophysiologies such as SIDS. This work is directed at understanding the basic essential mechanisms of respiratory control, and will contribute to the development of diagnostic tests and therapeutic strategies to reduce the occurrence of SIDS. In addition, I am interested in the integration of sensory inputs in the control of breathing, the evolutionary origin of mechanisms controlling air breathing in vertebrates, the control of metabolism, and the evolution and physiological adaptations associated with states of reduced metabolism such as mammalian heterothermy (hibernation and torpor). This research program promotes both a basic understanding of physiological and neurophysiological processes important to homeostatic regulation, as well as knowledge with direct and critical biomedical applications related to respiratory neuropathologies such as the Sudden Infant Death Syndrome."
  2. Contact
    Harris, Michael
  3. PI
    Harris, Michael
  4. Affiliation
    Center for Alaska Native Health Research
  5. Affiliation
    Institute of Arctic Biology, University of Alaska
  6. Affiliation
    Department of Biology & Wildlife, University of Alaska
  7. Affiliation
    Alaska Basic Neuroscience Program
  8. Affiliation
    INBRE Alaska
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