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Fragment Analysis (microsats, AFLP, T-RFLP)

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  1. Material analysis service


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    The user provides premixed samples (PCR product , size standard and HiDi Formamide) in a 96-well plate. The Core Lab tech then loads and runs the samples. All PCR supplies and size standards are provided by the user. HiDi Formamide is provided by the Core Lab at no extra cost. The Core lab only accepts pre-mixed fragment samples for fragment analysis. It does not affect the price if markers are multiplexed in each well; only the number of wells matters. The User enters sample names into the computer, otherwise the samples are labeled only by well number. Ask in the Core Lab for a sample sheet template if you want to enter names on your computer.
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  4. Related Resource
    ABI 3100 genetic analyzer
  5. Related Resource
    ABI 3130xl genetic analyzer
  6. Access Restriction(s)
    Available only to researchers in Alaska.
  7. Service Provided by
    DNA Core Laboratory
  8. Related Protocol(s)
    Protocol for submitting samples for fragment analysis
  9. Related Technique
    Restriction fragment length polymorphism electrophoresis
  10. Related Technique
    Microsatellite analysis
  11. Related Technique
    Nucleic acid fragment analysis
  12. Related Technique
    Amplified Fragment Length Polymorphism PCR
  13. Related Technique
    Terminal Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphism
  14. ERO_0001053
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